"I'll never let them hurt you, I promise" - Vampires will never hurt you

"Stand up fucking tall. Don't let them see your back and take my fucking hand and
never be afraid again" - Our Lady Of Sorrows

"Think happy toughts" - Headfirst for Halos

"You're not in this alone" - Skylines and Turnstiles

"I wont go down by myself" - You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

"Saints protect her now, come angels of the lord" -Interlude

"You'll never make me leave" - Thank You for The Venom

"But don't stop if I fall and don't look back" - Hang 'Em High

"This hole you put me in wasn't deep enough and I'm
climbing out right now" - It's Not a Fashion Statement, it's A Deathwish

"We'll love again, we'll laugh again" -I Never told You What I Do for A Living.

"I'd encourage your smiles I'll expect you won't cry"

"Too young to die and my dear If you can hear me just walk away.
You cant take me!" - The End

`He said, "Son when you grow up would you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten
and the damned?"´

"We'll carry on"

"On and on we carry through the fears"

"Do or die, you'll never make me because the world will never take my heart. Go and
try, you'll never break me. We want it all, we wanna play this part. I won't explain or
say I'm sorry. I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar. Give a cheer for all
the broken. Listen here, because it's who we are" -Welcome to the Black Parade

"So fix your eyes and get up" -I Dont Love You

"I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone"

"Awake and unafraid" - Famous Last Words

"Pumpin' out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive"

"The future is bulletproof" - Look Alive, Sunshine

"I'm who I've got to be"

"I've got a bulletproof heart"

"Let me be the one to save you"

"You ain't gonna be the one left standing" - Bulletproof heart

"Sing it for the world" - SING

"I'm unbelievable. Yeah, I'm undefeatable."

"Then just dont let go." - Planetary (GO!)

"And if we can't find where we belong we'll have to make it on our own. Face all the
pain and take it on.Because the only hope for me is you."-The Only Hope for me is you

"Hide your eyes, we're gonna shine tonight"

"Ain't nobody gonna take my life. Ain't nobody gonna get the best of me" - Party Poison

"Get off the ledge and drop the knife. Not a victim of a victim's life. Because this
ain't a room full of suicides. We're believers, I believe tonight"

"Be a burning star if it takes all night. So just save yourself and
I'll hold them back tonight" - Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back.

"I’ll keep you safe inside" - S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

"Until we find our way in the dark and out of harm. You can run away with me
anytime you want" - Summertime

"Don't hide and we don't run" - DESTROYA

"Hold on tight and don't look back."

"Here we are and we don't stop breathing. Yell it out 'til your heart stops beating"
- The Kids From Yesterday

"Wipe away those tears of blood again" - Heaven Help Us

"You can't take this life" - I Never told you what I do for a living demo

"You'll never take me alive. You'll never get me alive. Do what it takes to survive,
and I'm still here. You'll never get me. You'll never take me. You'll never get me alive." - Kill All Your Friends

"This hopeless feeling, this fear of falling down. But I'm not crashing now. For all this bleeding,
it wasn't worth the sound of millions screaming out. And still. The end comes reeling, the curtain
calls my name - I'm not afraid. And I know you may not miss me. But I am not ashamed of the
choice I've made." - Safe and Sound (Collaboration with Gerard Way and Kyosuke Himuro)

"Would you stay right here? When I'd tell you, that someone out there loves you after all." - Stay (Untitled)

Gerard Way är bandets sångare och frontman och är en förebild för många ungdomar
då de de påstår att han genom sina tal och kända citat har hjälpt dem ur olika svåra
situationer i sina liv som t.ex deprission. Här är några av dessa kända citat;

"Don’t let the media tell you what to look like, you are perfect "

Your going to come across a lot of shitty bands, and a lot of shitty people. And if anyone of those people call you names because of what you look like, or because they don’t accept you for who you are. I want you to look right at that mother fucker, stick up your middle finger, and scream fuck you!

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“Well, fame isn’t something we got into this for. We got into it to reach a lot of people and bring them a message: live life like you mean it, or fuck off. Keep yourself alive and treat each other with respect.” -Gerard Way

Someone doesn’t like you? Fuck it. Having a bad day? Fuck it.
Didn’t get that job, or that grade, or that promotion you wanted? Fuck it. Fighting with your lover? Fuck it. Feel fat today? Fuck it. Losing control of everything and everyone? Fuck it. What matters now won’t matter soon; the truly important thing is that you are alive, and that you have the capacity to do absolutely anything with this beautiful, crazy coincidence of being on this earth.
Just stick your middle fingers in the air and think, ‘Damn, I have it good.’

“To those who’ve tried to belong, and just didn’t fit in, you are loved. To those who’ve tried to stand out and be heard, you’re admired. To those who’ve tried to be themselves, only to be shut down, you are supported. To those who’ve tried to kill themselves because life’s unfair… you’re not alone. Love your friends, love your enemies because, in the end, they’ll all be kissing your ass when you make it.” 

Be yourself. Don’t take anyone’s shit, and never let them take you alive.

“If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn't know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about.”

"I’ve always said that it’s more important to keep yourself alive. There is nothing worth hurting yourself over. Just stay fighting. Because, it actually isn’t that bad. I mean, we started this band thinking that the world is just extremely ugly but I think now we realize that it’s more beautiful than we thought."

Den andra videon kan vara svårt att höra vad Gerard säger så här är det i textformat;
"Something we've been saying on this tour, is that sometimes the world could be a really ugly place, right? It's not always really pretty, its ugly, people's feelings get hurt. Sometimes it's terrible, but it's also a really beautiful place that we all share together, and if you ever feel depressed or hurt in any way and you find yourself feeling very desperate find somebody that you trust, that you can talk to, be it a teacher, a parent, a best friend, a therapist at school, there's lots of free programs you guys can find people to talk to. But the most important thing is no matter what, no matter what happens to you, no matter how desperate you feel, never resort to violence."

"No matter what anybody says don't take anyone's fucking bull shit cause you're better than them, you're faster than them and god damn it you're much better looking than them!"

Frank Iero är en av bandets gitarrister och blir ofta beskriven av fansen som "Frank Iero - one letter away from hero."
Det finns många historier från fans som har berättat hur han på egen hand har tagit tag i DERAS problem och uppmuntrat dem
att bli bättre, och liknande. Trotts att Frank's citat inte är så kända och lika många som Gerards så har han ändå en vädligt bra
poäng med det han säger.

"When we started this band all we ever wanted to do was write songs that meant something to us and play them live for as many people as we possibly could, and now in our old age all we want is exactly the same thing... and thats why canceling shows kills us so much, playing for people is what we live for. Your off-time applause, your beautiful dirty faces, your raw energy, and your wretched little voices singing our lyrics back to us fuel our fire, you make us feel alive, and we love every single one of you for that."

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Ray Toro är också gitarrist och blir oftast kallad för "The man with the plan". Likadant som Frank så är hans citat inte de
populäraste bland fansen men de har blivit sagda och jag tycker personligen att de borde uppmärksammas mera.

klicka för att förstora.
“When you doubt yourself you create something better.”

Mikey Way är den yngre brodern av Way bröderna. Är oftast tyst under intervjuer och liknande men trotts
detta så har han samma potential som sin bror och strävar mot samma mål, likaså som resten av bandet.

"Our fans look out for each other. It's like a gang but not in a negative way."

"When your smiling...the whole world smiles with you."

"We have grown up and matured. We’ve learned to smile more, we try not to take thing so seriously. It’s not the end of the world all the time. Things are pretty okay, let’s just fucking smile. That’s what i tell myself, just enjoy life."

"One day you will wake up, and nothing will ever be the same again, but it'll feel like an old friend. We love you guys more than you'll ever know. Let's talk again soon."

Denna video sammanfattar det hela väldigt bra. Här motbevisas alla fördomar mot bandet;

Sen kan man fråga, hur tänkte de nu? Hur ska de försöka hjälpa dessa människor genom att skriva musik?
Vad få människor förstår är att musik påverkar människan mer än vad vi tror. Men det är även mer än musiken, framför allt dessa citat
men att de även har tagit saken i egna händer när de har haft chansen. Här berättar fans om sina händelser;

"Figured I'd share my MCR story. I met Frank in 2008. 
I had just come out to my parents as transgender and had a
massive fight with them. It was kind of an accident; I thought
they wouldn't notice I had bound my chest for the MCR show
(where I could be myself). They did, and I ran out. The entire
show I was slowly losing hope, even while listening to the band
that normally gave it to me. The show was amazing; the new jersey
one near the end of the black parade tour. Tiny club. I'd saved up for
months to buy my ticket. But I had a really hard time enjoying it. 
Afterwards, I wandered outside and just sat on the sidewalk by the
club. I had 20 bucks in my pocket and didn't think I could go home.
It was cold and i didn't have a jacket. All that was on my mind was
lying down in the middle of the road and letting a car hit me. 
I was just about to do it, too. I heard someone walking up to me,
so I lifted my head up from my hands, and there was Frank. He
didn't say anything, just sat down against the wall next to me and lit
a cigarette. He offered me one and I guess he saw me shaking, so
took off his jacket and put it around me. And then we just talked for
about an hour. I ended up making an idiot of myself and unloading
my life story on him. He listened to everything and then told me
(and I'll never forget the words) "anyone would be crazy not to
love you. I'm sure your parents do, you're a great kid, alright?
And if they don't accept who you are, they don't fuckin' deserve you."
I felt like such an ass, hugging him and trying not to cry, but he let me.
I'm sure he had so many better things to do than sit and listen to my
problems, but he did. He convinced me to go home and hugged me
one more time, reminding me again that it was okay to be myself. 
He went back to the bus and I went home and my mom cried and
clung to me, telling me she loved me no matter what. I am now living
happily as the person I really am, and I owe it to Frank Iero. 
MCR's music had helped me before, but frank actually saved my life.
I was ready to die, I felt like I had no hope left, and he was incredibly
kind to me. It meant so, so much to me. I thank him all the time, and
I hope to see him again someday and really thank him. So many
musicians wouldn't give a damn about the tiny, skinny, awkward
transboy huddled against the walls of the club. But Frank did, and
it's for that reason that he is my hero. "

- För flera tack, och berättelser från fans se nedre inlägget. -

För att verkligen kunna förstå vad detta band handlar om så är detta den sista videon och kanske även enda som behöver ses.
Här finns allt med detta band. Hur fanbasen tar hand om varandra och om hur det inte är vi och bandet utan det är oss.

Jag är stolt att vara en del av detta. De förtjänar inte ankagelser och fördomar som är det motsatta för vad de står för.
"You'll never take me alive, do what it takes to survive. Cause i'm still here."

och nu, några sista ord till de som underskattar en beundrares hängivenhet.

Vad förvånar mig mest? Jo, att när folk säger "Tack" så svarar de inte med ett varsågod.
De svarar med ett "Det var inte vi, det var du. Tack för att du trodde på oss."
Ett tack för ett tack och inte en enda girighet i dramat.
Förstår du nu?

Bilder från olika fans

för att ibland så behöver man inte säga mer.

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